Axelerator is Axdata's own "best-practice" configuration of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

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The configuration has been developed as a result of 25 years of experience,

as well as close cooperation with companies within the industries Production, Project-oriented industry, Engineering and Energy.

Axelerator provides functions and layouts that we experience are the common denominator for all our customers' needs. If you decide to go ahead with Axelerator, you'll have chosen the broadest and most dynamic platform for business applications. You will work closely with our customer team in the coming years, who will support and develop your company in line with your development.

Axelerator is primarily an implementation course suitable for those customers who are able to adapt, focus on training rather than tailoring and who are willing to change. Here, the customer gets access to a preconfigured process, which makes the implementation faster and more efficient.


Some advantages

  • Go live in weeks not months
  • "Time to value" is reduced to a minimum
  • Reduces initial cost
  • Predictable delivery
  • Great development potential
The implementation process

Analysis and POC

Establishment of a working group. Allocation of process architect and Customer Success Manager who will be dedicated to you throughout the entire customer journey. The first thing we do is analyze your processes and clarify how these fit in Axelerator . A POC will be carried out with a focus on your main processes and how these will work Axelerator the configuration.

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Negotiation and preparations

Contract conclusion and preparations at the organization with the intention of giving the customer a clear picture of the implementation process that follows.

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Planning and start-up

Establishment of the project. Coordination with your project manager to prepare the start of workshops and training sessions. Ordering and setting up of environments and necessary licenses. Installation of agreed Axelerator - processes.

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Workshops and training

Start of workshops where both you and our consultants sit together and work directly in the system from the start. Here, training is carried out with regards to how your processes should be carried out in Microsoft Finance & Operations with Axelerator as configuration. Simple clarifications must be made initially, and the need for the number of training sessions will vary from customer to customer.

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Go-Live and Customer Care

When training sessions and the simple parameter settings have been completed, Go-Live activities follow from our side.

After an acceptance test from the customer, we move on to the next phase, which is operation. At the same time, a Customer Care agreement is established which is our management agreement. Customer Care takes over operational responsibility for the customer and becomes the customer's support device for everything from user questions to technical maintenance.

At the same time as we go live, work will start from Customer Success's side, and initially we will work to ensure that the adoption of the system is as broad as possible, while at the same time we immediately start planning for the way forward.

We map out what the necessary improvements in the short term are and the long-term development that needs to be done in the set-up. This is tailored and follows the development speed of your particular company.

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