Tailored is a configuration of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations with full tailoring according to the customer's needs.

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When the need for adaptations of processes and routines appears,

we in Axdata use the Tailored - method for implemention of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations (FinOps). Here, in collaboration with the company, we utilize the breadth and depth of the system, and create a standard solution that is adapted to you.

The method we use is "conference room pilot" (CRP), and together with a carefully selected team of Project Managers and Process Architects, you will be guided safely through the implementation process. Through several iterations we model the solution setup together, and the solution is gradually refined through configurations, integrations, etc.

With Axdata's broad and deep industry experience and know-how, we not only implement an ERP system, but challenge and optimize your company's processes. The collaboration ensures an understanding of the organisation, and changes that are needed to increase value for the company.


Some advantages

  • More than an implementation, you get optimization
    and process improvement
  • A system adapted to your processes,
    based on standard functionality
  • Better decision making based on insight in real time
  • New opportunities with new technology
The implementation process


Industry affiliation and industry help decide the way forward Axdata. When the internal qualification is complete, and you have been qualified to continue the process with us, a working group is established. In the initial phase, the group consists of your project group as well as our dedicated team of a process architect, project manager and Customer Success Manager (CSM). Together, the group will look at timelines, processes to be covered and other special requirements. We acquire good knowledge of the company and existing processes through this phase, and thus a great understanding of your needs.

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Proof of Concept

An exciting step! Here, processes are challenged with a live demo based on your own Business Cases in a so-called POC. Following this, you will decide whether you wish to proceed to a formal offer.

Negotiating terms

Reality check. Estimates and Timelines are presented through your CSM. The estimate, timelines, resources from own ranks, and from Axdata are negotiated and revised. This is to put together the financial framework for the project.

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Project execution

The CRP method is initiated. Project start-up is held with the project group, you as the customer and Axdata's project manager (AP). Goals are to establish progress plans and task distribution. Time consumption and costs are monitored at all times by the AP with a report to the Project Group. CSM and Process Architect are with you all the way to look after the solution and users.


Go-Live and Customer Care

After Go Live, there is a transfer of management internally in Axdata , where Customer Care takes over the operational responsibility for the company's solutions. The Customer Success Manager and process architect will continue to follow you, and ensure that your company develops in line with new needs and new technology.

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