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Your first 100 days

Going into a new job, in a new company can be scary. Who are the people? Will I fit in? Am I good enough? Can I make it? Classic questions you ask yourself, as a new employee. We will answer these questions and make you confident through our onboarding program and give you a preview of your first 100 days.

Month 1

First day


Your first day is finally here! We have ensured that everything you need is ready in your office. The day consists of setting up the office space as you wish and ensuring that everything works as it should. You will get to meet all your colleagues and get a good introduction to the practicalities of the office. The most important thing on this day is the start-up conversation with your immediate manager where we start clarifying expectations and reviewing your intro plan and introduction plan for the first 100 days.

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Month 1

First week

Organisasjon – Visjon og Verdier

During the first week, a lot happens for you. You will get a clear introduction to our organization and will be invited to all our teams to get to know their responsibilities and functions. It is important for you to understand what you are a part of. In recruitment interviews, we have focused a lot on vision and values. You will see and experience how we actively work with this every day. We give you good pegs that you can hang information on during your entire onboarding.

Alexandra, Marketing manager i Axdata

Month 1

First month

Business model

During a month, you ask yourself the questions whether you fit in, whether you have something to contribute and whether you add value. In order to answer these questions, you need to know and understand who we are, why we exist and where we are going. Therefore, we use the first month to give you a good introduction to precisely our strategy and business model. Alongside concrete work towards your role, we will ensure that you know why you get up and go to work - and you should look forward to it!

Month 2

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We don't believe in hiring talented people and then telling them how to do their job. It is a responsibility you are capable of managing yourself. What we will ensure to give you at the start is a safe framework, routines and methods so that we can interact in a good way. We would like you to challenge us to improve our method.

Month 2


When you started, you received an introduction plan and a training plan related to your role with us. You have been followed up on this by your immediate manager and your sponsor. You are therefore well underway on your learning path, which is adapted to you and the experience and expertise you brought with you to us. By now you must have received good training in subjects and systems competence and have already been involved in relevant projects and customer challenges. You will experience that the time we set aside for training pays off and you develop every single day.

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Month 2


It is good to know that you have value, that you are important and that you get the opportunity to do what you are good at - every day. You have already participated in workshops with customers and the time has come to be an active contributor in these. We have prepared you to be able to hold parts of a workshop for a customer and we believe in you. You find security in your competent colleagues who cheer you on and who stand behind you and support you. This is when the fun really starts.

Month 3

Consultant program

You've been through a lot already. You have learned a lot from your colleagues and gained some experience along the way. You are introduced to how we work to continuously build subject and system competence. You have gained a clear understanding of how we want to live up to our values and leave the impression of being competent, committed and courageous. You have received the introduction and will now also progress in our consulting program to develop good consulting skills

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Month 3


Depending on your experience and level of competence, you have already been involved in projects and project deliveries to customers. At this point in your journey, you should be allocated to projects where the real learning takes place. The opportunity to take proper ownership of the project and play your part. You will fail, you will be unsure and certainly somewhat frustrated. But it doesn't matter, because you are brave, because you are competent, because you are committed. In addition, you have good colleagues who support you all the way.

Axdata the offices

Month 3

IUP - Individual development plan

You have survived 100 days! You have been learning for 100 days and the journey has just begun. Along the way, you have had many conversations with the manager, buddies and other colleagues. You are starting to find your place and have reflected well on what you need more of and what you need less of in the future. Through new employee conversations, we have aligned expectations and ensured customized training. Now you will get your own ITP - individual training plan. You own this plan for the rest of your time with us. Here you make the plan for your own development in the short and long term. A development that addresses your ambitions. Ambitions related to professional competence, system competence, consulting skills, management development and personal development. The whole person.

We look forward to continuing your journey with you.

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