With us, it is easy to get in touch with our people and the door is always open for those of you who want to talk to us. We are as curious about you as you are about us, regardless of whether you want to get to know us to explore a possible collaboration or whether you want to find out about Axdata is the place you want to develop further.

Black-and-white portrait of Lars Erik Lindhjem, Chief Marketing & Sales Officer i Axdata
Chief Marketing & Sales Officer
Lars Erik Lindhjem
Portrait photo in black and white of Christian Hofsøy, HR & ADM Manager i Axdata
HR & ADM Manager
Christian Hofsøy
Black-and-white portrait of Henrik Bjerkaas, Chief Operating Officer in Axdata
Chief Operating Officer
Henrik Bjerkaas
Black-and-white portrait of Trond Johansson, Chief Executive Officer in Axdata
Chief Executive Officer
Trond Johansson

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