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What is SAF-T?

SAF-T (Standard Audit File-Tax) is a standard format for the exchange of accounting data, developed jointly by the Skatteetaten, industry organizations and system suppliers following recommendation from the OECD. The standard format specifies the accounting data to be exchanged and the structure of the data. It is thus a format and a method for exporting the accounts to your business.

Reporting in the SAF-T format became mandatory for businesses with a turnover of five million kroner or more, as well as book-keepers with electronic storage of accounting documentation, in January 2020. These must be presented in the event of a possible inspection by the Tax Authority. 

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We deliver

We in Axdata has developed an additional solution which, through a simple and efficient setup, makes the job of handling the statutory requirements for SAF-T reporting less time-consuming and complicated. We have a solid background from the implementation of SAF-T projects for Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Dynamics AX, and have assisted more than 50 SAF-T customers to date. 

Compatible versions

Axdata's SAF-T reporting solution is designed for all versions of Dynamics AX and Dynamics 365 Finance. This also includes the versions that Microsoft does not support. 

Dynamics 365
Dynamics AX 4.0
Dynamics AX2012R3
Dynamics AX 3.0
Dynamics AX2012
Dynamics Xal
Dynamics AX2009
Dynamics C5

In addition, we help you implement hotfixes, we advise and help set up ERP systems, so that you are ready to deliver the right data in the right format to the tax authorities.

Some advantages
Makes it easier to deliver accounts to public authorities
Makes it easier to carry out internal audits, as well as to analyze data in specialized systems
Make it easier to share data
Makes it easier to build an accounting system, as well as integrate different solutions 
Fewer manual processes with the help of automation

Some of our customers who have already implemented the SAF-T solution:

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